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Opus Klassiek, April 2020

By Aart van der Wal

Berg, Verbey, Webern, Schreker

Orchester National d'Auvergne/Forés Veses

“This album is also - at least that's how I see it - a tribute to the recently deceased Dutch composer Theo Verbey, who arranged three movements of Berg's Lyrical Suite for String Orchestra, including the composer himself did not mind. Under the hands of Roberto Forés Veses, it turns out to be a particularly well recorded tribute […] In short, these are clearly idiomatic renderings in a beautiful setting (the recording is both warm and well defined). 

Highly recommended, and not just because of the special program."

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INTERVIEW, January 2021 

By Agustín Achúcarro

'[In the Orchestre d'Auvergne] I found a group that played very well, very seriously, with musicians who were very proud to belong to that orchestra and convinced of doing their job to the full... Over time what we have achieved is our own stamp, a sound that makes it recognisable."

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Crescendo Magazine, June 2020

By Pierre Jean Tribot

Music director of the Orchester National d'Auvergne based in Clermont-Ferrand, Roberto Forés Veses is releasing a contemporary program dedicated to two world premieres by Betsy Jolas and Thierry Escaich for “Orchester national d'Auvergne Live”, the digital label of the 'orchestra. The Auvergne phalanx continues to assert itself as one of the most innovative and dynamic orchestras on the French scene.

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Ópera Actual, March 2020

By Albert Garriga

Amadeo Vives: Doña Francisquita

“[…] Under the inspired baton of the Valencian Roberto Forés, who took care of every detail of the brilliant score of Vives. It was a real luxury to be able to count on the Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne to take this Swiss Francisquita to the best port; its crystalline sound, the delicacy of the phrasing and the strength of the rhythmic dances were a luxury for a performance which ended with the audience standing to the rhythm of the tanguillos."

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Crescendo Magazine February 2020

By Betrand Balmitgere

Tchaikovsky: Souvenir of Florence 

Orchester national d'Auvergne/Forés Veses

The Spanish conductor offers us a catalog of emotions oscillating between the invitation to the joy of the first movement, the grace and the sensitivity of the second to finish on jubilant notes. Composed in the city of Tuscany, the work sounds like an open book on this episode in Tchaikovsky's life, a sort of marriage between eternal and mysterious Russia on the one hand and the brilliance of the Italian renaissance on the other. We can't wait for the next recording of this beautiful orchestra, whose exploits we will follow with attention.

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By Ramón García Balado

'Forés-Veses achieved a singular magnetism, resolved with precision in the Scherzo - Vivace, determined by those Slavic roots, with a marked but relatively slow rhythm, superimposing two different themes, one with a bassoon and the other with a violin... thus we led to the final Allegro, with a rhapsodic attitude of pronounced accents that are highlighted in a fortissimo, of the strings, with a sensibility alla zíngara , for the end, which manifested a portentous and intoxicating rhythm of march.'

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CulturPlaza, March 2020

By Sara Cano

"Classical music can be revisited if it is made with meaning, the meaning that everyone wants to give it. For me, music can be something very serious, but for you it can be an afternoon's or a night's entertainment, and you do it in a lighter way. In my case, I don't consider myself very purist or traditional. Personally, I think we should always be open to new ways of working. "

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Concerto Net, February 2020

By Claudio Poloni

Amadeo Vives: Doña Francisquita

“At the head of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, Roberto Forés Veses takes on Amadeo Vives' score with energy and conviction and highlights the many melodies in the work. The vocal distribution is almost exclusively Spanish speaking. She is brilliantly led by the tenor Ismael Jordi, a lover who is as fiery as he is shadowy, with solar highs and delicately chiseled phrasing. In the title role, Leonor Bonilla is light and sparkling, with a youthful and luminous tone."

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